The Next Frontier in Brake Discs!

The Next Frontier in Brake Discs!

ECIMA 2023 features five major zones catering to enthusiasts of science fiction, adventurers, speed enthusiasts, and urban explorers alike. At the event, FAR Discs showcased a diverse range of features and choices, creating a vibrant spectacle for motorcycle enthusiasts. Join us as we explore the exciting zones of Cyberpunk, Cruiser, Off-Road, Super Bike, and On Road together.


1. Cyberpunk - Concept Zone:

 ◽FAR brake discs lead you into the future, merging high-tech, futurism, and a rebellious spirit.

 ◽ The discs feature a tech-inspired special fluorescent coating and advanced design, supporting personalized modifications to highlight a rebellious spirit.

2. Cruiser - Power Journey:

  Utilizing the excellent durability of 420 J2 stainless steel brake discs, you could experience power, modernity, and personalized charm.

  Diverse style and design options allow you to create a unique motorcycle based on personal preferences.

  Customized sizing is offered to achieve personalized customization, providing high-performance power, excellent control, and added enjoyment.

3. Off-Road - Adventure and Fun:

  Discover the ultimate off-road driving experience, conquering rugged mountain trails, deserts, and wilderness paths with ease.

 ◽ The floating structure of the brake discs enables flexible adaptation to uneven terrain, ensuring stable braking performance.

 ◽ Rigorous testing and verification make Off-Road discs tailored for extreme off-road enthusiasts, delivering outstanding performance that will leave a lasting impression.

4. Super Bike - Speed and Passion:

 ◽ Revel in speed, enjoy the thrill of racing, with outstanding maneuverability even in the curves.

 ◽ Lightweight design enhances motorcycle agility, while high rigidity material ensures stability and durability in extreme riding conditions.

 ◽ Powerful braking and exceptional control performance allow you to effortlessly navigate between city streets and racetracks.

5. On Road - City Exploration:

 ◽ Make each daily commute and city exploration a beautiful experience.

 ◽ Advanced heat dissipation design reduces braking system temperature, ensuring continuous excellent braking performance.

 ◽ Easy installation without complex operations saves your valuable time, meeting both appearance and performance requirements.


EICMA is a grand event in the two-wheeler industry, where FAR Brake System showcase a diverse range of features and options in each zone. Regardless of your preferred style, FAR provides the perfect solution, meeting the diverse needs of riders, and collectively enjoying the feast of motorcycle culture!

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